We are business consulting company UAB „Vitalis Consulting“, which works in the field of practical management of business processes in production, distribution and retail companies.
MainWay was created by business consultants Vitalijus Čičiškinas and Gediminas Balodas.
Our company’s goal:
  • to help our customers to achieve bigger value and harmony in their business,
  • Motivate to perform complex jobs easy, quickly and rationally,
  • We are achieving our goal while maintaining our core values and principles, described below.
  • Goal of our consulting is to teach our customer’s management to manage complex things simply, to be abel to distinguish core decisions which impacts whole company’s results from small, local problems, to understand cause and effect of their decisions. For our customer we provide individual solutions which suits their specifics and companies. That can be elements of LEAN, business reeingineering or TOC based business logics. We strive to create stable and effective processes inside the company which will help to become a leader anywhere company is present.
    Our customers:
  • ambitious company managers who have already achieved a lot and are constantly looking for continuous improvement.
  • companies which are facing problems managing their production or sales. Those which are not satisfied with their results and are ready for radical changes for the sake of bottom line results.
  • companies which strive to become leaders in their field.
  • companies which strive transparent and clear management of a company as a whole.
  • Contemporary business can not be separated form IT. Unlike many business management software, MainWay was created to speed up and simplify management of business processes, but still maintaining main principle that information is beneficial only to the extent to which it helps to create value for business. Software helps to understand new principles quickly, makes business processes clear, rational and quick what many of the companies are lacking.
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