Nowadays to conquer a competition supply chain management is no longer an option, it’s a must. That said we need to “see” not only our own warehouses, but also our suppliers and customers too. Without being able to have this sight fast reaction to market changes and effective business management becomes an impossibility.
Piece of software MainWay was created having in mind effectiveness of supply chain management. Software is based on E.Goldratt’s Theory Of Constraints (TOC).
Through visual reports software enables managers to ensure sticking to business processes. Items amount of which at the warehouse is too small in comparison with sales/consumption are reported in separate report. MainWay’s built in filtering enables user to filter goods which require immediate attention therefore removing good part of technical and manual work removing manual ordering, forecasting, etc. If inventory control rules are being followed optimal amounts of goods quickly settle throughout entire supply chain and inventory turns increase significantly.
MainWay easily connects to any ERP and allows producer/supplier to “see” his goods throughout entire supply chain up to a retail at any given moment. Since software is a web application inventory can be controlled from anywhere in the world provided that this place has an Internet connection.
Trained user can handle anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand SKUs. Based on our experience we claim that this user is not only more effective in performing his duties, but also does them 3-5 times faster.
User of this service can be any production or distribution company, retailer or any company willing to control its inventory in most efficient way.
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