Purpose of MainWay is to help companies always to have right quantity of goods in right the place. MainWay enables you to follow up and control movement of any SKU at any place in the supply chain (raw materials, WIP, finished goods in plant warehouse or at wholesaler or retailer warehouse).
Since data is stored in MainWay server and software functions over Internet you can control your goods at convenient time from any place in the world with Internet access. Control process can be fully automated seeking to reduce amount of unnecessary workload on employees like order calculation and forecasting.
At present moment you can choose from following service options:
  • Software itself
  • MainWay software is provided in SAAS (Software As A Service) model. To be able to use MainWay software, following steps should be completed:
  • Secure data transfer between MainWay server and company’s ERP system is established (1-4 weeks).
  • Training for company’s employees how to use software and main principles of goods management is held (1-2 days).
  • Authorized users are given access and passwords to MainWay software.
  • Development of practical skills. Company’s employee together with our consultant performs daily routines of ordering goods from suppliers (1-2 weeks).
  • Employees start to use software independently, but our consultants are constantly watching quality of their actions, showing mistakes and together analyze problematic situations, deviations or exceptions. (1- 6 moths)
  • Goods management service
  • You are outsourcing all your goods management to MainWay consultants. MainWay consultants according to agreed schedule will issue purchase orders to your suppliers and/or goods collection sheets (if warehouses are also managed by us).
    Value of this service - company’s employees can focus their attention on core business i.e. growing sales, better customer service, new product development. Besides, canceling employee training you can start to get all the benefits immediately without waiting for months until your employees will be able to perform their new duties good enough. That alone can double your return on investment in this system.
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